Giving importance to the rising demands and needs of a rapidly changing global knowledge, skills & technology, Pavan School upgrade itself with latest and new age technology.

Learning science extensively improves thinking and creative skills in students. It should always be fun learning, interesting and application-oriented. Principles of science can be applied in our day-to-day life. Once the student acquires a mind-set of enjoying science in every day life, we@Pavan School believe that we have imported right education to the students


Educomp Smart Classes

Bringing the world into the classroom through multimedia teaching tools is a part of everyday learning in Pavan School.
Educomp Smart Classes – a curriculum specific interactive classroom software has been successfully implemented resulting in better understanding. Smart Boards have changed the way children learn abstract concepts.
We, thus, have redefined our classrooms with no blackboards & chalk pieces. Just an electronic pen on touch-screen will enable to see and hear animations in color with music and voice.
Specially designed and user-defined hardware & subject-oriented content per classroom is linked with servers in the knowledge centres.
Teachers have a provision of mapping the digital content of various teaching modules beforehand.
This provides a smooth teaching and learning environment in the classroom and helps in reaching the student effectively.


IT Learning

Information Technology, now-a-days, has become an integral part of our life.
We@Pavan School use subjects-integration for teaching computer science with all the other subjects. A project in science may need an extensive presentation; A lesson in social studies may require important points to be highlighted & revised; A story in English may be asked for explanation from the students and so on & so on. This extensive learning makes the students use multiple options and techniques of computers.
An air conditioned computer lab with computers can comfortably provide 1:1 access to the students. This develops interest and concentration in the students towards applying the software they have learnt.


Science Exhibition

Innovative minds & Creative ideas are put together in our science exhibitions. The exhibits show the intellectuality of the students.

Students from all the branches participate in the exhibition. This exposure develops lot of confidence in the students.

Parents and guests will be invited to the fair to see exhibits, the best ones will be selected by the judges and they will be honoured with Certification & Prizes. All participants will begive certificates.



Science Laboratories

Spacious , well-equipped & high –quality Science labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology give a practical orientation towards the concepts and applications of Science.

Students learn the practical aspects through exploration, experimentation in a conducive atmosphere where high standard of safety maintained