• The Montessori segment of Pavan School was started in 2010 with the aim of importing basic and rudimentary knowledge and learning to tiny to tots before they enter the complicated world of primary school.
  • The Montessori section of Pavan School boasts of an extremely well-mentioned and sparklingly new done shaped structure to house the little ones.
  • The walls of this Montessori home are decorated with delightfully bright pictures introducing the English alphabets and numerals.
  • The bids take extreme delightful in splashing around and having fun in the adjacently constructed cute little mini swimming pool.
  • A sand pit nearby allows the youngsters to feel the sand and enjoy lolling in it.
  • The gay swings provide merriment and mirth.
  • The learning atmosphere is entired by a merry-go-round which serves as a special attraction to attend school every day.
  • Some slides and see-saws enable the requirement of exercise and movement.
  • The learning process is made easy and interesting with beautiful models, charts, and colorful abacus equipment.
  • The seating arrangement is made informal to give a homely feeling. There are colorful they chairs along with rocking chairs.
  • The kids needs for scribbling are take care of by providing with sufficient coloring work sheet.
  • The Pavan School Montessori has a well trained staff to take care of the emotional stimulation of the little children.
  • Vegetable days, fruit days and craft days help the tiny ones to grasp the meaning and necessity of all of the above.
  • EDU-SMART learning through smart boards enables the children to learn phonetics nursery rhymes, listen to stories and assimilate general knowledge easily.

The pavan school Montessori believes in the “Catch Them Young” policy to train them for the future goal that is

“Today’s Children’s are The Citizens of the Tomorrow”.