About Us


             Pavan School, Dharwad was founded in 1988. Pavan School provides a nurturing environment to actualize the potential of the students to effectively face the challenges that life may throw at them. The school stresses upon the skills of decision making, time management, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, academic achievement and developing a sense of commitment within a holistic educational environment. Simultaneously, Pavan School upholds traditional Indian values and culture.

                             There can be no doubt that Pavan School has made great contributions to the cause of education for over essay writer service the last 25 years. It inculcates in the students not only a command over the English Language, but also lays emphasis on confidence building, discipline, manners as well as a desire to excel in both curricular as well as extra- curricular activities.

                      All students are made aware of making the world a better place and so Pavan School strives to produce individuals who1 (25) will transcend their selfish vested interests and work for humanity. Pavan School firmly believes that instead of amassing wealth and being materialistic, if one can wipe a tear from a wrinkledaffordable papers 4u face and make a sad face smile, comfort a desperate heart, kindle a tiny flame and make it burn bright, we can count ourselves successful in life.