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Our Mission

Pavan school aims at an all-round development of the child’s personally. It Seeks to provide balanced educational program in mental, physical and more values.

Pavan School nurtures talent and aims to provide quality education that is conducive to foster students to grow into conscious subject and to be an active participant in the press of civilization and to achieve the highest standard of which he/she is capable of.


Our Vision

To be the ideal school of excellent, dynamic, progressive three words apolly describe pavan English medium High School, Dharwad.

“Our vision is to create a school community where children participate, excel and are proud of their achievements…”


Our Core Values

Our values, based on our character attributes, are the foundation of our genuine relationships with students, parents and each other. Together, we create safe, positive climates for learning and working—environments that prepare students to be empathetic citizens of the world.



A school is a wonderland of learning, a universal institution that initiates children into the first steps of knowledge and instills and sustains in them the curiosity and passion to have a quest for learning and a zest for life, always. And, as in every human endeavour, for learning to be effective and enduring it ought to be engaging and enjoyable. We believe that every child is a reservoir of talents and, given the right environment and impetus, they will blossom intellectually and holistically beyond our imagination.

It is these central tenets that continue to define and guide every thought and action at Pavan School, in our pursuit of providing world-class educational opportunities to children. Our focus is on building a school where learning is a joy, and teaching a pleasure; a school that places the child at the heart of every endeavour; a school that makes learning meaningful and progressive; a school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and an Indian soul; a school that provides a robust foundation for children to grow into knowledgeable, creative, compassionate and capable human beings and responsible citizens.

The School’s motto “Dare to Dream… Learn to Excel” encapsulates our aspirations and the enormity of effort required to bring about excellence in every facet of the School. Every element of the School resonates with this philosophy: curriculum, pedagogy, recruitment, professional development, use of technology, co-curricular life, international links, service to community, parents’ participation, and so on.

The future has always to be better than the past. Every achievement has inspired us to continually set new benchmarks of excellence, year after year. As we look ahead, we are committed to building on the strong foundation we have laid and striving to be constantly on a continuum of excellence. We welcome you to be part of this journey as we put in our best effort to be a beacon of a better future for the next generation…


Walk Through Pavan School

At its heart, Pavan School has the pursuit of excellence in all that it does-. Its imposing campus bears ample testimony to this. Spacious, well-lit and ventilated classrooms allow enough scope for movement and different teaching techniques. The broad corridors with “talking walls” are extensions of classrooms, creating a stimulating learning atmosphere.
The majestic school building, open space and green lawns – well designed sports areas, play park for younger children and indoor games areas, make for a world class learning infrastructure. The health centre, auditorium facilities make living at the campus quite comfortable.
A specially planned routine for the day keeps the boarders gainfully occupied.
Purified cold drinking water is available on every floor, as are separate and differentiated washrooms for boys and girls.
There are state-of-the-art labs for Computers, Science, Maths, Library and Art for hands on learning.


Educomp Smart Classes

Bringing the world into the classroom through multimedia teaching tools is a part of everyday learning in Pavan School.
Educomp Smart Classes – a curriculum specific interactive classroom software has been successfully implemented resulting in better understanding. Smart Boards have changed the way children learn abstract concepts.
We, thus, have redefined our classrooms with no blackboards & chalk pieces. Just an electronic pen on touch-screen will enable to see and hear animations in color with music and voice.
Specially designed and user-defined hardware & subject-oriented content per classroom is linked with servers in the knowledge centres.
Teachers have a provision of mapping the digital content of various teaching modules beforehand.
This provides a smooth teaching and learning environment in the classroom and helps in reaching the student effectively.


Technology Services

Information Technology, now-a-days, has become an integral part of our life.
We@Pavan School use subjects-integration for teaching computer science with all the other subjects. A project in science may need an extensive presentation; A lesson in social studies may require important points to be highlighted & revised;

A story in English may be asked for explanation from the students and so on & so on. This extensive learning makes the students use multiple options and techniques of computers.
An air conditioned computer lab with computers can comfortably provide 1:1 access to the students. This develops interest and concentration in the students towards applying the software they have learnt.

Cultural Activities

Keeping kids busy can sometimes be a daunting task for parents and teachers as well. Our fun and educational art activities for kids are the perfect solution. Watch kids think out of the box as they let their imagination loose and use their time productively. Parents realize the creative process involved is of great value to the developing child. In other words, the process is more important than the product. Art activities for preschoolers can be easy and involve basic drawing or coloring. You can also give kids theme-based activities such as summer art, fall art, scissor art, etc. Art can do wonders to their confidence…!